New Jaguar XK Deals

The stunning Jaguar XK was the car that turned Jaguar around in the UK and secured its place as the badge to be seen in if you want to buy a luxury car.

Technically a 2+2 coupe, the Jaguar XK is a sporty, performance-led car with a luxurious interior and enough space to place its practicality above and beyond its key rivals.

Sporting a sleek new design which matches modern aerodynamics to a classic Jaguar appeal, the Jaguar XK uses a mixture of lightweight build and a powerful range of engines to pack quite a punch in terms of speed and acceleration.

Jaguar has also balanced this with precise, balanced steering and good grip to deliver a drive that will leave a smile on your face.

The Jaguar XK comes with an interior awash with plush materials and all the latest gadgets and the clever use of space means there is even room for a decent size boot at the back.

The Jaguar XK comes in coupe and convertible versions and although the latter is slightly heavier it does not suffer from scuttle shake - a common complaint with other convertible cars.

As a performance coupe running costs are relatively low and the car benefits from excellent residual values thanks to its desirability and the famous Big Cat badge.

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