New Jaguar XF Deals

The Jaguar XF is a large executive saloon launched in 2009 to take on the 'big three' German premium car makers.

Built in Britain, the new Jaguar XF is one of the best saloons on the market thanks to a mixture of style, luxury and ride comfort.

In keeping with Jaguar's new sleeker designs, the Jaguar XF looks fantastic with a more sloped roofline giving it a more dramatic silhouette

Inside the specification is more often seen in a luxury saloon with an extremely generous level of equipment as standard and materials and build quality that are the best around.

A range of powerful and capable engines mean the Jaguar XF is superb on the motorway and its comfortable, refined ride means it is a joy to drive or be chauffeured in even for longer distances.

The real surprise is off the motorway where the Jaguar XF handles corners and city driving with ease. Steering is responsive and it remains poised and balanced around corners.

The Jaguar XF is a stunning return to form for the Big Cat and remains one of the best premium cars on sale in the UK today.

It is the first in a completely revamped Jaguar range which led to the stylish Jaguar XJ luxury saloon and an updated Jaguar XK coupe and convertible.

The brand is enjoying a renaissance in the UK because of the quality, desirability and driveability of its cars, with the Jaguar XF at the forefront of the success.

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