New Citroen C5 Deals

The Citroen C5 is an executive saloon that successfully manages to match French flair for design with the premium feel and quality of a German premium saloon.

Citroen has designed the four-door C5 to be one of the best-looking saloons on the market both inside and out and it makes for an eye-catching family or business car.

The Citroen C5 excels on the motorway and longer journeys because of the impressive ride comfort, even over bumpy UK roads.

It soaks up bumps with ease and the cabin is well insulated from outside noise to provide a calm and comfortable ride.

Inside, the Citroen C5 has one of the best interiors of any saloon. Inside it is spacious and well-built with premium materials and comfortable seats that even offer a massaging function.

The Citroen C5 is designed for cruising in comfort but the style and design of the car also make it a desirable model for families and businesses.

There is plenty of space for rear passengers and although it is a saloon and not a hatchback, it does offer a decent size boot with easy access.

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