New Citroen C1 Deals

The new Citroen C1 is an impressive little small car. Built on a Toyota platform, it brings all the reliability and high build quality associated with the Japanese car maker but adds some of Citroen's design flair.

Available in three-door hatchback body style, the compact Citroen C1 is ideal for city driving. Capable of fitting into the smallest parking spaces, the C1 is one of the smallest cars on the road.

It is perhaps due to this size that Citroen has managed fuel economy above 60mpg and emissions low enough to qualify for free road tax in the first year (Band B).

This, coupled with the responsive handling expected from such a small car, make the Citroen C1 a fun and affordable drive.

Citroen C1 prices start low - a new Citroen C1 can be bought for less than £7,000 - making it one of the cheapest small cars in the UK.

The Citroen C1 is the perfect new car for a newly qualified driver and with plenty of Citroen C1 discounts around, it can be snapped up for a low price.

Save on New Cars is the starting point in your search for a discounted Citroen C1 and has a range of Citroen C1 finance deals to suit your needs.

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