Vauxhall Launches Cost Calculator

Vauxhall launches cost calculator

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Vauxhall has launched an online cost calculator capable of working out exactly how much it will cost to run a car.

The 'Whole Life Cost Calculator' is aimed at businesses and company car drivers who want to compare how much different cars will cost to run.

It is capable of calculating costs such as road tax, benefit-in-kind tax, residual values and other costs to give an overall estimated cost for each vehicle.

The online calculator also compares Vauxhall vehicles to rivals using the latest data from vehicle pricing expert CAP.

This will allow fleet managers and company car driver the chance to compare every aspect of a new car before buying or leasing it.

Extra options on the calculator allow visitors to specify predicted average mileage, whether or not they get free fuel and how many years the car will be owned for.

"Understanding whole life costs, from taxation to residual values, can be incredibly complicated," said Steve Catlin, Fleet Marketing Manager at Vauxhall. "Our new Whole Life Cost Calculator helps fleet managers to work their way through complex data and make informed decisions that are best for them."

"The calculator is also handy for company car drivers in understanding their tax implications and fuel costs of any models that they may be looking at for their next company car, as well as any technical information about the model."

The Whole Life Calculator is now online on Vauxhall's fleet section of the website. Vauxhall's entire car range is available on the calculator, ranging from the small Vauxhall Agila to the largest model in the line up, the seven-seat Vauxhall Zafira.

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