Vauxhall Confident For Ampera Sales

Vauxhall confident for Ampera sales

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Vauxhall is confident it will sell its complete allocation of Vauxhall Ampera’s when they hit Europe in 2012.

A rebadged version of the Extended-range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) is currently on sale in the US under the name of the Chevrolet Volt and performing well giving the GM-owned brand confidence in its car.

“[Vauxhall] will sell every Ampera we can make. What we don’t know is the size of the market and we won’t know that for two to three years," says Nick Reilly, president of GM Europe.

It is predicted that Vauxhall will commission 15,000 units of the Ampera however a possible UK-based production plant has yet to be confirmed.

Ellesmere Port remains a front runner in negotiations as it currently builds the Vauxhall Astra hatchback, a car that will share the same platform as the upcoming Ampera.

The Ampera is capable of a pure-electric range of 40 miles however when that limit is reached a petrol engine is engaged boosting the range of the E-REV to 360 miles.

The Ampera will also feature a driver hold function that is not currently available on the Chevrolet Volt. The system will allow drivers to save the all-electric power for inner city areas when it will be most effective.

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