Uk Drivers Pay The Highest Fuel Tax In The World

UK drivers pay the highest fuel tax in the world

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UK drivers pay the highest rate of tax for their petrol or diesel in Europe according to the latest figures.

Hard-hit drivers are being forced to pay 59 per cent tax on petrol and 57 per cent on diesel, more than any other country in Europe.

Data from insurance expert MoneySupermarket shows the countries with the highest and lowest fuel prices and the amount fuel prices are taxed across the world.

Only Italy and Sweden run the UK close with 58 per cent tax on petrol and 54 per cent tax on diesel each in the list of worst countries when it comes to taxing fuel.

UK drivers pay £1.32 on average for a litre of petrol and 1.40 for a litre of diesel and. according to the AA, has cut fuel consumption by 20 per cent over the past 20 years but still contributes £26.8 billion in fuel duty tax.

The figure is all the more remarkable because it is 144 per cent higher than in 1993 and represents the second-highest fuel tax haul in history.

Fuel prices in the UK have risen from less than one pound per litre to as much as £1.40 per litre over the past seven years.

In comparison drivers in the USA pay just 55 pence per litre for petrol and 64 pence per litre for diesel and Japanese drivers pay £1.13 pence per litre for petrol and just 68 pence per litre for diesel.

It may come as some consolation for UK drivers that it is only 12th in the world list when it comes to fuel prices with European countries such as Denmark, Greece, Netherlands and Italy priced at more than 1.40 per litre of petrol.

The highest fuel prices in the world are found in Turkey where drivers will pay £1.70 per litre for petrol and the cost of diesel is £1.48 per litre.

This is in stark contrast to the cheapest fuel prices in the world. These can be found in Venezuela where petrol costs a staggering two pence per litre and diesel costs just one pence per litre.

Other countries where fuel is exceptionally cheap include the likes of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, three oil-rich nations whose fuel is less than 13 pence per litre because of their vast oil reserves.

There may be some good news for UK motorists after supermarket chain Sainsbury's said petrol prices across its 279 forecourts would be reduced by four pence per litre this week.

This could start a price war between supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco and give some welcome relief for cash-strapped motorists.

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