The Weirdest Car Insurance Claims Ever

The weirdest car insurance claims ever

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Across the UK car insurance schemes are typically used for when you or another driver ends up damaging your car against another motor or other obstacle. However insurance claims can come into play under even far more unusual circumstances, and they make for odd and fascinating stories as a result.

A lot of the more unusual car insurance claim stories involve animals, whether they're interfering they are distracting the driver to damage or just end up attacking the bodywork, malicious or otherwise.

So sit back and enjoy these examples of the weirdest car insurance claims, and if you're looking for your own car insurance scheme you can search for enticing deals courtesy of and its insurance monitor.

When animals strike

A fine example of pets causing crazy incidents comes from one insurance claim made by a driver who explained that whilst driving, the front seat passenger had a puppy on their lap that jumped down. The passenger went to pick up the puppy again only to somehow accidently pull up the handbrake, causing the car to skid into another vehicle.

This unusual accident is about as reckless another insurance claim in which a male driver revealed he had leaned over to stroke his dog, and because of that distraction ended up crashing his car.

Still while these insurance claims can be put down to a bit of well intended but clumsy work by car passengers, in other examples it appears that animals can leave cars damaged unprovoked.

Some of weirder and less expected examples of this include one claim of a car being damaged outside of a hotel by a peacock which clawed it after seeing its own reflection on the vehicle. As random as this sounds its reported the same peacock was in fact own by the nearby hotel.

There's also the story involving a rare and classic hot hatch, a Lancia Delta Intergrale, which had its interior destroyed by a nest of mice which chewed their way through the leather and foam on the seats, and managed to strip all four doors of their leather trim as well.

These examples though are arguably topped by one particular insurance claim involving a driver who whilst turning their car, noticed a camel and elephant tethered at the verge of the road, this proved distracting enough to cause the driver to crash into a bollard.

That sinking feeling

While evidently the distracting nature of animals can cause unusual and funny insurance claims, perhaps the weirdest car insurance claim of all doesn't involve any sort of animal, but rather something much larger and unexpected.

The story referred to here is the one where somehow a car managed to hit a submarine, although it wasn't actually the car driver's fault.

The incident was first sparked when The Navy informed the wife of a submariner that the craft he was in was due in port.

With this news received, she drove to the base where the sub was scheduled to dock at, and the car she was in was parked at the end of the slip where the craft was to berth. However an "inexperienced" was reported to be manning the sub, who accidently rammed the end of the berth slip, breaking a section away near the wife's car causing it to fall into the water.

The Navy later paid compensation on the insurance claim, which surely would have been difficult to write in a believable sense.

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