Rentals Prove Ampera Fit For Everyday Use - Vauxhall

Rentals prove Ampera fit for everyday use - Vauxhall

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The Vauxhall Ampera will be availableto rent in the UK from 2012 at Europcar rental outlets.

The range-extended petrol-electric Ampera - based on the Chevrolet Volt - will be available to any Europcar customers in the UK as a Vauxhall and throughout Europe badged as an Opel.

Vauxhall Vice President Alain Visser says the move reflects the Ampera's suitability for everyday use - even in the testing conditions of rental car business.

Visser also claimed that electric cars are "among the best long-term solutions to meet society's energy and environmental challenges".

The Vauxhall Ampera is powered by a 150bhp electric drive unit to deliver up to 50 miles of pure electric operation. For longer drives a petrol engine powers a generator that supplies the necessary electricity - giving a range of up to 350 miles without stopping to charge.

This gives the Ampera a theoretical fuel economy figure of around 175mpg.

Europcar customers booking an Ampera will receive an introduction to the cars from Europcar staff, who will explain battery charging, the unique range extender set-up, which uses a small petrol engine to charge a battery pack.

Rental customers will also learn about features such as the energy consumption and energy efficiency displays - and receive advice on energy-efficient driving in battery operation and recuperating energy when braking.

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