Renault’S Very Good Trip Is Underway

Renault’s Very Good Trip is underway

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Celebrations for the launch of Renault’s two new drop tops have officially begun, as their ‘Very Good Trip’ is now underway.

The web-reality show, which is part of the promotions for the new Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet and Wind Roadster, will see teams from Renault's biggest European markets battle it out in a cross-Europe road trip.

Representing the UK are teacher and salesperson Angela and Richard, who have the task of completing nearly 100 challenges before their rival teams from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

The competition will finish on 9 July, when the winners will each take home a brand new Renault drop top as well as the cash equivalent of a year’s fuel and insurance.

For anybody wanting to follow the road trip, over 13 hours of programming will be uploaded onto Renault's website as well as various social networking and video sharing sites.

The Renault Wind Roadster is available from £17,300 with the Megane Coupe-Cabriolet starting at £21,595.

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