Renault Toughens Eco2 Criteria

Renault toughens eco2 criteria

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Renault will toughen up its vehicle selection criteria for its most ecological and economical vehicles.

This week Renault has announced its intention to reduce the impact of its cars at each stage of their life cycle. All cars that fit the criteria will then be badged using the ‘eco2’ signature.

To make the grade, vehicles must now be manufactured at an ISO certified plant and emit less than 120g/km of CO2 (reduced from the previous limit 140g/km) or run on biofuels.

Finally the vehicle must contain at least 7% recycled plastic (increased from 5% previously) and be designed so that 95% of their mass can be recovered when it is disposed of.

Models such as the Renault Clio and Renault Twingo will meet the new criteria and wear the eco2 badge.

The announcement of this plan comes after Renault recently came top of the ranking of companies with the lowest CO2 emissions in the automotive sector. This result was compiled by British NGO, Environment Invest Organisation (EIO).

Renault continues to push for the reduction of vehicle CO2 emissions. Currently at 135g/km today, the manufacturer’s European range is expected to reduce emissions down to 120g/km in 2013 and to less than 100g/km in 2016.

A key part of this plan is the Z.E. (Zero Emission) model range, consisting of four vehicles which are all purely electric powered.

The line-up includes an electric powered version of the Fluence saloon, a supermini called the Zoe, and a very compact city car called the Twizy.

All the vehicles are set to have arrive at Renault dealerships by mid-2012.

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