Peugeot Scheme Targets Insurance Costs

Peugeot scheme targets insurance costs

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Peugeot has introduced a new car ownership package for its current range in response to rising insurance costs.

The scheme, called ‘Just Add Fuel’, lets customers buy or lease a Peugeot depending on each customer’s individual preference.

The customer pays a simple, monthly amount for a three year period of the plan. The scheme fixes all major costs over three year period, leaving nothing to pay for with the exception of fuel.

Insurance, warranty, servicing and road tax are all included in the cost of the monthly payment, and because costs are fixed, it removes inflation-busting rises in motoring costs.

The Sales Director at Peugeot UK said: “You look at the figures, Just Add Fuel, looks fantastic value today but when you consider how insurance costs are expected to rise, fixing those costs for three years could well prove a sound financial decision. And that’s on top of the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is paid for".

This week, the motoring service the AA revealed figures showing that the cost of motor insurance in the UK had risen by a record 40% in the past year.

Drivers pay on average £258 more on insurance than they did 12 months ago. On top of this, it is predicted that average driver premiums will exceed £1,000 within a year.

Packages like Just Add Fuel may prove one of the options concerned motorists may take in the face of these latest concerns.

The scheme is available on all Peugeot cars, including its best-selling model, the Peugeot 207 supermini.

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