Peugeot Reveals Record-Breaking Ex1 Roadster

Peugeot reveals record-breaking EX1 roadster

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Peugeot has unveiled its all-electric EX1 roadster, which smashed six world acceleration records in its first public outing.

The EX1 set new one mile, half-mile, quarter-mile, eighth-mile, 500m and 1000m world speed records for a vehicle weighing less than 1000kg, proving that EVs aren’t ‘just city runabouts’.

Based around the shape of a water droplet, Peugeot’s EX1 flaunts futuristic design codes similar to the SR1 concept car as well as aluminium detailing more akin to the RCZ Coupe.

A reverse door opens to reveal two sports bucket seats, while the interior immerses driver and passenger into a futuristic and hi-tech environment. The driver commands the road-legal vehicle at ground level like a racing car with two control handles similar to a plane or video game.

The four-wheel drive Citroen Survolt rival is bolstered by a 340bhp electric motor and, according to Peugeot, ‘opens up a whole new dimension of raw driving emotion.’ Its featherweight monocoque is made from a carbon/honeycomb composite, reducing overall weight.

Peugeot insists the EX1 is a one-off car built to celebrate the firm’s 200th anniversary.

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