New VS Used. What Car Should I Buy?

New vs Used. What car should I buy?

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It's one of those questions that niggles away at people when they want a car. Should I invest in a new model or head down the used route?

There are pros and cons to both options, and it usually depends entirely on the buyer's own personal situation.

Have they recently just passed their driving test, for instance, and just need a cheap model to get used to the roads by themselves? Or are they considering a long-term car for the family that will last them a good few years?

New cars obviously have the benefit of just rolling off the production line, and having no previous owners. But, obviously, it'll cost a lot more to own initially. A used car can potentially be thousands of pounds cheaper, but may be subject to wear and tear from previous owners.

There are a number of new models currently entering the market however the most eye-catching has to be the Dacia Sandero.

The Dacia Sandero is a Fiesta-size five-door hatchback with a little more space than the average small hatch including a 320-litre boot and the ability to extend this by folding the rear seats.

Even more remarkably, it costs just £6,000 for entry-level versions.

This value is eye-catching enough but it is thrown into even sharper focus when the average price of a used car in the UK is taken into account.

Average car prices in the UK are now £6,199 according to British Car Auctions (BCA). This means the average used car is now more expensive than the cheapest new car.

This indicates buyers should really begin to look at the new market because they will find better value for money - but a closer look at the information means this is not generally the case.

The Dacia Sandero is an incredibly affordable car and comes with Renault-sourced engines plus an impressive three-year warranty that can be extended in necessary.

At the same time the average used car age has crept up from 59 months to over 62 in the past two years while mileage has also risen from 57,295 to 58,696 in the same period.

This means used cars are now worse value than two years ago - but even an older used car could be a better choice.

This is because entry-level Sandero models are extremely basic with no air conditioning or any sort of audio system. However, higher-spec models do include this and will not stretch finances much further.

Meanwhile a used car could offer large amount of equipment for a low price simply because the car has had a previous owner.

Older cars generally needing more servicing, however, and because they are older could have less safety equipment. This could affect used car insurance quotes when it comes to insuring a car because the more safety kit available, the lower the premium will be.

Choosing between a new car and a used car is extremely difficult - but it all depends on the individual cars and new or used car deals you can find.

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