Mazda Improve Efficiency And Emissions

Mazda improve efficiency and emissions

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Mazda will focus on improving efficiency and emissions on its model range, instead of introducing hybrid technology.

The Japanese manufacturers says that weight reduction and new engine technology will make its range greener, and states that it expects the internal combustion engine to remain the dominant choice for car buyers.

Mazda says advances in petrol and diesel engine technology can provide similar environmental benefits as hybrid technology, with its Mazda3 hatch available with an engine that emits 119g/km of carbon dioxide.

Other technology such as stop-start will result in a 30 per cent cut in average fuel economy across by 2015, says the manufacturer.

The result will be large saloon and estates, like the Mazda6, with CO2 emissions of under 100g/km and average fuel economy of up to 70mpg - a figure typically achievable only with small models like the Mazda2.

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