Mazda - Post Scrappage Incentives

Mazda - post scrappage incentives

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Mazda will cut prices on new models by up to £2,000 as an incentive to buyers when the government scrappage scheme ends.

Mazda will make the lower prices available to all buyers, rather than scrappage customers with a car trade in, as other manufacturers have introduced.

As a result the Mazda MX-5 roadster has been reduced by as much as £1,250, while there will be deposit allowances of up to £1,000 for customers using Mazda PCP options.

“We benefited from the scheme taking more than our fair share of the scrappage market, but it did discriminate against anyone who did not have a 10 year old car to scrap.

“Now that the Government scrappage fund has run out many manufacturers have launched their own version of the scrappage scheme. In fact, there are now so many different offers with different terms and conditions, some on 10 year old cars and some on seven year old cars, that choosing the best scheme is both difficult and confusing for the customer and requires a car to part exchange or scrap.

“At Mazda we have decided to make our post scrappage offers simple to understand, fair and equitable for all. It does not depend on having an aged car and is open to all customers, ensuring anyone who wants to buy a new Mazda can get a great deal and purchase their perfect car at a fair price."

Mazda enjoyed scrappage scheme success, with almost 10,000 sold under the cash-for-bangers programme.

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