Luxury Car Award For Jaguar XJ

Luxury car award for Jaguar XJ

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The Jaguar XJ has this month been awarded the title as the 2011 International Luxury Car of the Year (ICOTY).

The winner of this award is decided by a jury consisting of 12 renowned automotive journalists who represent numerous respected publications.

A diverse group of motoring magazine editors plus other renowned journalists are also consulted, in order to achieve a balanced view reflecting all customer, according to organisers of the awards.

The ICOTY Executive Producer, Courtney Caldwell, said: “The ICOTY Awards are not about power and performance, but rather about personality and passion."

The award panel ultimately picked the XJ premium saloon for its unique design as well as impressive performance.

The Jaguar XJ was first launched in the UK in May 2010; it is the latest in a long line of premium luxury brand cars produced by the Tata-owned manufacturer.

Introducing an all-new exterior design to the XJ series, the saloon boasts an innovative LCD dashboard and console displays. This can displayed various virtual dials and control the video and audio systems within the car.

Since its arrival, the XJ has received numerous accolades from various motoring magazines. Top Gear magazine gave it the Luxury Car of the Year award for 2010.

Meanwhile AUTOMOBILE magazine gave the XJ both the Design of the Year and All-Star awards. The luxury car also won Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award in the Automotive Category for 2010.

The Jaguar XJ continues to sell at Jaguar dealerships across the UK, current on-the-road pricing starts from £55,500.

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