Limited Mazda RX-8 Stock In Uk

Limited Mazda RX-8 stock in UK

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Mazda has revealed there are less than 100 RX-8 coupe models left in stock in the UK now that right-hand drive production has come to an end.

Now in its second generation, the Hiroshima-built Mazda RX-8 is famous for its rotary engine and its freestyle ‘suicide’ doors. More than 26,000 units have been sold in Britain, but with less than 100 models left the Japanese firm believes there’s never been a better time to buy one:

“Over the next couple of months drivers will be presented with a rare opportunity to acquire one of the very last RX-8s available in the UK," commented Mark Cameron, Sales Director at Mazda UK.

Since its release seven years ago, the Mazda RX-8 has been awarded a total of 37 international motoring awards including 2003 International Engine of the Year and What Car’s Coupe of the Year, twice.

A new rotary engine is said to be currently under development, but whether it will feature in a next generation RX-8 hasn’t been confirmed. It is rumoured that a smaller, lighter RX-7-inspired car could take over at the helm.

Brand new, highly specced Mazda RX-8 models are priced at £25,540.

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