Kia Records Best Five Months Ever

Kia records best five months ever

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Kia Motors has revealed it has sold 30,095 cars so far this year, an increase of 652 from the whole 12 months of 2007.

In what proved to be a successful month for the industry as a whole, May seen Kia sell 4,194 new cars – enough for the company to record its best five month performance ever. Surprisingly, the bulk of sales didn’t come from the popular scrappage scheme, with the company racking up 3,541 non-scrappage sales – an 86% increase from 2009.

Kia has also improved its retail share from last year by 2.5% to 5.04% - another company record.

Regarding the ending of the scrappage scheme, Managing Director of the company Michael Cole, said “It’s going to be difficult moving forward. It will affect the whole industry."

However the company remains confident that the imminent launch of new cars will continue to set new sales records.

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