Kia Outlines Sales Plans

Kia outlines sales plans

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Kia intend to increase the number of its vehicles in Britain as it looks set to introduce a batch of new models over the next two years.

The South Korean manufacturer hopes to have as many as 70,000 of its vehicles a year in the UK, an increase from 56,000 compared to last year.

This year Kia has launched the all-new Picanto, following on from this in September an all new version of Kia’s other small hatchback the Rio will arrive. Completing the line up will be a new Kia Optima, the four door saloon will appear in UK showrooms before the end of 2011.

Kia UK managing director, Michael Cole, spoke about the upcoming models and the company’s ambitions.

He declared that the company wants to boost Kia Picanto sales from 7.5% to 10% of the city car market segment in the new model’s first full year.

He said: ‘The three-door will be important because it will open up the Picanto to different buyers. It has a much more sporty, dynamic look which will appeal to younger drivers and, hopefully, more male drivers’.

Regarding the Rio, Cole commented: ‘Historically the car has been a little bland and has not done too well for us but the new car is much more dynamic and ‘European’ and I hope it will do for us in the B segment what cee’d did in the C sector’.

Cole also spoke about the new Optima, adding: ‘We are not looking at Mondeo or Insignia levels of sales. Optima is a model that will showcase what we can do and I believe we will sell a good number’.

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