Jaguar XJ Is Sector Leader

Jaguar XJ is sector leader

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In its first full month on sale, the Jaguar XJ has emerged as the segment leader – helping the company to impressive sales results in the first half of the year.

The Jaguar XJ executive saloon outsold its biggest German competitors by almost 40 per cent with more than 600 brand new models on UK roads, something that Managing Director Geoff Cousins is unsurprisingly happy about.

“60 per cent of people that have ordered an XJ are new to the brand, with owners of premium German brands proving the keenest to buy.

This highlights just how well the new XJ has been received."

It isn’t just the XJ that has proven popular however; sales of the XF and XK ranges continue to rise, with year on year sales increases of 47.6 and 60.7 per cent, respectively.

The brand new segment leading Jaguar XJ is priced from £53,900, with stablemates XF and XK starting at £29,000 and £62,500, respectively.

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