Ford Focus RS Now With RS 500-Style Upgrade

Ford Focus RS now with RS 500-style upgrade

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Ford Focus RS owners who missed out on the high-performance, limited edition RS 500 this month could drive the next-best thing, the manufacturer says.

In response to demand for the limited edition hot hatch, Ford has designed a performance upgrade pack for the standard Ford Focus RS.

The MP350, as the name suggests, increases power from 305PS to 350PS in the RS and delivers an extra 20Nm of torque.

Ford will fit a larger intercooler and air filter box, larger exhaust downpipe and updated fuel pump and software for an extra £1,995, it has announced.

Ford Focus RS drivers will miss out on the exclusive RS 500 packaging, but performance will be similar to the limited edition model.

The Ford Focus RS 500 was a huge success for the manufacturer. Out of 500 models made, all 101 right-hand drive models produced for the UK were sold within seven days for £35,450 each.

The hot hatch was the fastest-selling car in Ford’s history, with reports of many models being ordered before prices being announced.

Mark Simpson, Ford Britain marketing director, said: “If you couldn’t get an RS500, which sold out within seven days, this is the next best thing."

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