Ford Focus 'Door Protector' Tackles Car Park Scrapes

Ford Focus 'door protector' tackles car park scrapes

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A new device to stop dents and scratches caused by car doors in busy car parks will be introduced to the Ford Focus next year.

Over 72 per cent of European drivers have damaged their car or another person's by hitting something when opening doors according to Ford.

As a result, engineers have designed an automatic rubber strip which pops out instantly when the door opens to soften the blow of a stray door.

The system, predictably named Door Edge Protector, will be included in new Ford Focus cars across Europe from January 2012.

Designed to retract again when the door is closed, the protector can be taken off and replaced if it has worn down, but Ford says it will be able to withstand 'thousands' of bumps.

"The Door Edge Protector will be one of those features that we think will make customers say 'Why didn't someone think of this sooner?'" said Matthias Tensing, product development system engineer. "It will help parents with children in the backseat or anyone who needs to park in a tight spot."

Ford says many scratches and dents caused to car doors are not covered by insurance companies and could cost up to £250 to fix - while 85 per cent of British drivers expect people who cause damage by hitting another car with their door will not admit it.

The new Ford Focus hatchback was introduced to the UK in March 2011 and will be the first of Ford's car to boast the technology.

The new Ford Focus comes in five different specification levels with increasing amounts of equipment as standard; Studio, Edge, Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X.

New Ford Focus prices start from £13,995 for entry-level Ford Focus Studio versions.

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