Ford Fiesta Smashes Brands Hatch Fuel Record

Ford Fiesta smashes Brands Hatch fuel record

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Ford’s Fiesta supermini recorded the highest ever fuel economy figures at Brands Hatch racing circuit during the company’s Once Gallon Challenge.

The inaugural Econo Check One Gallon Challenge pitted five teams – made up by driving instructors and racing drivers such as Ben Collins (aka the Stig) and BTCC’s Tom Chilton - up against each other at Brand Hatch in identical Ford Fiestas.

Each team was given a 1.4-litre Titanium Fiesta filled with one gallon of fuel. The winner – the team that got the most miles out of the car – was that led by British Touring car Championship driver Tom Chilton, which managed 82mpg.

While this is a 65 per cent improvement on the official combined fuel consumption figure of 49.6mpg, the average mileage of 73.4mpg is the equivalent to around 61 laps of Brands Hatch racing circuit.

“Our One Gallon Challenge has shown just how far you can make your fuel go, which is key to keeping down your motoring costs," Ford customer service director, Andy Barratt, commented.

The Ford Fiesta is available now from £9,995.

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