Ford Fiesta Best-Selling Car Of 2010

Ford Fiesta best-selling car of 2010

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The Ford Fiesta was the best-selling new car in 2010 and Ford was again the best-selling brand to complete a great year for the blue oval company.

The Fiesta supermini took the gong for best-selling car of 2010 for the second year running, notching up 103,013 sales, making it the only car to sell over 100,000 units during the year.

There was more good news for Ford, with the Focus hatch the third best-selling car of the year with 77,804 cars sold.

Ford sold 280,364 cars during the year – making it the best-selling brand by far, with only Vauxhall within sight of Ford.

Vauxhall sold 247,265 cars in 2010 – slightly up on the previous year, taking a greater market share in 2010 than in 2009.

Vauxhall’s Astra hatch and Corsa supermini were also the second and fourth best-selling cars in the UK respectively in 2010, while the Insignia large family car also sold well throughout 2010.

Vauxhall was the best-selling brand, and the Astra the best-selling car in December 2010. Ford and Vauxhall sold over 25 per cent of all cars sold in the UK in 2010 between them.

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