Ford Cars The Cheapest To Repair

Ford cars the cheapest to repair

image for 'Ford cars the cheapest to repair' Bookmark and Share has formed an alliance with Warranty Direct, the industry's leading provider of direct consumer warranties, to compile a list which highlights the most reliable cars on the road in the UK.

The lists provided by the collaboration between MoneySupermarket and Warranty Direct, highlight the most and least reliable cars on the road.

Using a Reliability Index, the score takes into account a number of factors including the average cost of repairs for each model and the frequency of mechanical problems.

If we first take a look at the cheapest cars to repair, the collaborative group found that Ford vehicles were the cheapest to repair with the average repair sum for the vehicles only costing £223.92.

It would seem that owners of Ford vehicles could be happiest after having to face the cheapest average repair bills - especially in such economically uncertain times.

Suzuki also surprised many by appearing in the top five of each of the lists, including the cheapest cars to repair list where the manufacturer was only beaten by the aforementioned Ford Motors.

Suzuki owners will face, on average, repair bills of £234.96 which is £16 lower than the figure for the next cheapest-to-repair car manufacturer: Peugeot. Rounding off the top five list for the cheapest cars to repair are respected manufacturers Fiat and Skoda Auto.

The aforementioned Reliability Index was applied to all manufacturers who sell vehicles in the UK and, quite surprisingly, German-made vehicles did not feature highly in the list. In fact, most German-made cars fell in the bottom ten of the manufacturer reliability list.

Taking all of the plaudits were Japanese-based automobile manufacturers, with six manufacturers muscling out their rivals to land in the top ten of the list - and some fell just outside.

Japanese car manufacturers Honda took the top spot on the list, achieving a Reliability Index score of 30.75 - an average score is 100; the smaller the figure, the better.

The other manufacturers in the top three were also Japanese: Suzuki and Toyota, with Suzuki comfortably above Toyota, who managed to slightly better renowned American car manufacturers Ford.

Narrowing the list further revealed that the Kia Picanto topped the model reliability list by achieving a Reliability Index figure of just 3.00.

The next three places were hard-fought, contested by the British-built Vauxhall Agila, the HR-V model from 'most reliable manufacturer': Honda and, continuing its surprise resurgence, a Suzuki model: the Alto.

Ford owners may face the cheapest car repair bills, but they may never have to experience getting their car fixed if they own the ever-popular and critically acclaimed Ford Fiesta, which took the five spot on the most reliable cars list.

As previously mentioned, the lists were compiled in a collaboration between Warranty Direct and the MoneySupermarket breakdown cover channel.

Breakdown cover can help to reduce the annoyance of finding yourself stranded next to a broken down vehicle, but it is still worth making sure that you pick one of the most reliable cars available - such as one that has received the best Reliability Index score in the aforementioned lists.

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