Extensive Crash Testing For 2011 Ford Focus

Extensive crash testing for 2011 Ford Focus

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Ford has revealed that in a bid to meet and exceed global safety regulations, it has crashed the third-generation Focus more than 12,000 times in virtual- and real-world safety tests.

The 2011 Focus will have to comply with global safety regulations - as opposed to just those for the specific market each model they’re sold in - as it will be sold worldwide in 120 countries under the new One Ford strategy.

As a result of this extensive crash testing, safety aids have been improved especially for occupant safety, with Ford debuting technologies such as ventilated airbags for front passengers.

The shell of the Focus will also be made from a combination of steel and ultra-high strength boron, further improving its performance in a crash.

“Developing the Focus to meet the global safety standards has resulted in improved crash performance to help protect occupants in crashes," said Focus safety manager, Matt Niesluchowski.

Pricing for the 2011 Ford Focus hasn’t been officially announced, but are expected to start in the region of £15,000. A UK launch date of March 2011 has been set by the Blue Oval manufacturer.

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