Electric Mazda2 To Be Trialled In 2012

Electric Mazda2 to be trialled in 2012

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Mazda has confirmed that its very first electric vehicle will assume the form of the popular 2 supermini, leasing trials of which will begin in Japan spring 2012.

The Mazda2 EV (electric vehicle) is expected to have a range of around 125 miles – more than the majority of its pure electric competitors – and will be leased to local government bodies and fleet users in the manufacturer’s native Japan.

Mazda is currently advancing its Building Block Strategy, which prioritises the improvement of so-called ‘base technologies’ such as engines and transmissions, as well as reducing the overall weight of the car.

The Building Block Strategy was the thinking behind the new SKYACTIV technologies that underpins all of the marques new concepts and contributes to Mazda’s ever-improving green credentials which, needless to say, will be bolstered by the introduction of a pure electric vehicle.

Despite its efforts to get an electric vehicle into the market, Mazda insists that the internal combustion engine will ‘remain at the heart of the automobile for the near future’, meaning that it will also keep focused on improving emissions and fuel economy for its outgoing range of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

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