Citroen Lacoste A ‘No-Nonsense Approach To Motoring’

Citroen Lacoste a ‘no-nonsense approach to motoring’

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Citroen and Lacoste have come together to create a concept car that cultivates ‘boldness, creativity and optimism’. It will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The Citroen Lacoste concept aims to transport passengers ‘to a lighter, fresher world’ while taking a no nonsense approach to motoring. It is also another step forward towards the car of the future which, the French manufacturer says, will put an end to the ‘always more’ mantra.

Thought to be a hint at the next generation C1 city car, the Lacoste concept is full of stylish minimalist features such as a high waistline, bulging and textured wings, golf ball-style alloy wheels and minimum overhangs front and rear.

Inside the cabin, the fascia strip houses a long display screen that displays messages in the form of icons with oversized pixel. This continues the fun light-hearted route the car takes with its inflatable roof, for example.

As for what’s under the skin, Citroen hasn’t revealed much; but insists that while the 3-cylinder petrol engine is enough to power a vehicle of this size and weight, the car isn’t all about ‘flat-out speed’.

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