Chevrolet Buzzing Ahead Of Camaro Launch

Chevrolet buzzing ahead of Camaro launch

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Chevrolet will sponsor a flowerbed in Stoke as part of the Bumble Bedzz project, ahead of the launch of the Camaro muscle car in the UK.

Bumble Bedzz are flower beds made especially to become bee-friendly. They are located in areas such as railway stations in order to encourage people to plant their own beds and increase the bumblebee population.

One of these flowerbeds, located at Stoke Mandeville Railway Station was officially opened by the Managing Director of Chevrolet UK, Mark Terry, to celebrate the sponsorship.

Terry was accompanied at the launch by Chevrolet’s famous black and yellow Chevrolet Camaro from the Transformers film series, where he commented: ‘The bumblebee is as much of an icon for the British countryside as the Camaro is for Chevrolet’.

He added: ‘It’s fair to say that they both cause quite a buzz. We’re delighted to be involved in such an innovative and worthwhile local initiative.

The Camaro will be sold in the UK in both hard top and convertible forms with prices for the former starting from £34,995. The drop top, which comes complete with a power-folding roof, starts from £39,995.

Chevrolet will not bring any right-hand drive versions to the UK when it arrives early next year when all Camaro models sold in the UK will be based on the top specification model.

Equipment as standard includes 20" alloy wheels, performance brakes, full leather upholstery, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors.

Customers can also add numerous optional features, including premium paint colours, go-faster bonnet stripes, a sunroof, polished wheels and an automatic transmission for an extra £1,500.

The Camaro uses a 6.2 litre V8 petrol engine which boasts 432hp. To help maximise the performance, the suspension is adjusted on the Camaro to make it more suitable for European roads specifically.

Customers who wish to order a new Camaro can register their interest by phoning a specific number on a UK landline without charge.

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