Boris Welcomes Citroen C-Zero To London

Boris welcomes Citroen C-Zero to London

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The new Citroen C-Zero, a 100% electric city car, has been welcomed to London by the Mayor, Boris Johnson.

The arrangement was made as part of the city plans to become the “electric car capital of the world", a move spearheaded by the first ever city-wide electric vehicle charging network, Source London, which is due to launch this spring.

Citroen is set to make the first customer deliveries of the C-Zero next month. The vehicle has a maximum fully-charged range of 93 miles, and Citroen claims the averaged daily journey in urban areas is just 23 miles.

The C-Zero will be sold through 11 existing Citroen dealerships in the country, including two in London. Each dealership will have one C-Zero demonstrator in stock, along with two specially trained sales people and a pair of technicians to maintain the car.

The C-Zero is only available through a leasing scheme at £415 per month plus VAT. The contract runs for four years and will be restricted to 40,000 miles in total.

Linda Jackson, Managing Director of Citroen UK, said: ‘By offering zero emissions while running, owners incur zero company car tax, zero Vehicle Excise Duty and zero London Congestion Charge. We are delighted to see the Citroen C-Zero takes its place at the start of an exciting new era for London’.

The Citroen C-Zero is built alongside the almost identical Peugeot iOn. The four-seat, four-door car is available under the government’s Plug-In Grant, which offers up to £5,000 off the price of an electric car in order to encourage take-up of the relatively new technology.

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