Car News Archive 3-2013

Car numbers breach 35 million
image for 'Car numbers breach 35 million'
A survey of vehicles registered in the UK has revealed cars, unsurprisingly, are in the majority with four out of every five vehicles falling into the car category. This is in...
UK drivers pay the highest fuel tax in the world
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Hard-hit drivers are being forced to pay 59 per cent tax on petrol and 57 per cent on diesel, more than any other country in Europe. Data from insurance expert
Australian GP Preview
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Sebastian Vettel has won the previous three driver's championships in a superb period of dominance for Red Bull Racing but this year he will face some fierce competition from former...
Row over graduate driver restraint proposals
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The Association of British Insurers (ABI) says new, young drivers should be banned from driving at night and advocated restrictions on the number of passengers they could carry. The proposals also...
What is the best alternative fuel to go for?
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Living in an economically unstable world can be unsettling, with constant thoughts about how you can make your money last. For this reason, the prospect of visiting a petrol station...
Ford cars the cheapest to repair
image for 'Ford cars the cheapest to repair' has formed an alliance with Warranty Direct, the industry's leading provider of direct consumer warranties, to compile a list which highlights the most reliable cars on the road in...

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