Car News Archive 2-2013

Jaguar XK drivers worst for speeding
image for 'Jaguar XK drivers worst for speeding'
More than one in five Jaguar XK drivers has a speeding conviction, according to new research by insurance company Drivers of the Jaguar coupe are the most likely...
Young female drivers hit hard by new ECJ ruling
image for 'Young female drivers hit hard by new ECJ ruling'
Look away now female drivers. Latest data shows the cost of insurance for 17 to 19-year old female drivers has increased by an average of £231 since December. A young female...
New vs Used. What car should I buy?
image for 'New vs Used. What car should I buy?'
It's one of those questions that niggles away at people when they want a car. Should I invest in a new model or head down the used route? There are pros...
Winter maintenance guide
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Winter may be a time of year that is synonymous with Christmas and present-giving, but the reality is that the cold and icy conditions create havoc for car owners everywhere. Last...

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