New Alfa Romeo 159 Deals

The Alfa Romeo 159 saloon is one of the older models in Alfa's recently revamped range and is set to be replaced by the Giulia saloon as early as 2012.

However, the Alfa 159 does what the stylish Italian car maker does best - adds a sporty twist to the often bland world of saloon cars.

The beautifully crafted exterior of the Alfa Romeo 159 makes it probably the best-looking executive saloon on the market and is sure to be a head-turner even today.

Despite this, the Alfa Romeo 159 does not neglect practicality. The cabin is spacious and there is plenty of storage space.

Compared to the usual German executive saloon rivals, the Alfa Romeo 159 is more simple, effortlessly more attractive and, perhaps more importantly, much cheaper to buy.

Discounted new Alfa Romeo 159 saloons are not rare and this means those looking for a family car or an executive vehicle can find one without too much hassle.

This all adds up to one of the more exciting saloons on the market today and is topped off by the iconic Alfa Romeo badge - something which is held in high esteem by all drivers in the UK, where the brand has an unmatched reputation for sportiness and style.

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