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About Mazda 3 Deals

Lighting up an otherwise conservative market with its fresh style the Mazda 3 really hits all the right buttons. It's a massively attractive car that's a lot of fun to drive, treading lightly between sporty and smart. If you're here to find out a little bit more about it and get yourself some great Mazda 3 deals then you're in the right place.

The Mazda 3 comes with a choice of several engines including a particularly speedy 265 BHP 2.3 turbo that's sure to attract a fair share of attention. Most of the engines are of a decent quality and all of them get the job done. Handling is firm at lower speeds but smoothes up considerable when things get a little faster! The 3 has a great deal of grip and amazing body control, be sure to read up on all of the Mazda 3 deals though to make sure you get the performance you want.

The practicality levels of the 3 are high, a decent sized boot and folding 60/40 split rear seats are particularly impressive. It'll be easy to sit back and relax in the 3 as it's obviously a well-built and comfortable vehicle.

The Mazda 3 is the epitome of 'value-for-money'. The quality and reliability that you're bound to witness if you even so much glance at a Mazda 3 is exceptional. Sturdy, firm, attractive and safe are all words that we'd happily assign the 3.

Speaking of safety, the 3 has an amazing amount of security and technology to help minimize injuries and protect the vehicle. Active front headrests and a variety of airbags help to protect driver and passengers and an alarm and deadlock help to prevent thieves gaining access.

Benefit from Mazda 3 Deals

At we have a comprehensive list of great Mazda 3 deals for you to browse at your leisure. There's some brilliant bargains to be found it you take a look through what we have to offer.

It's a great idea to actively search through the offers to find the ones that are the most advantageous and beneficial. Most models come with a high amount of standard kit anyway so whichever variant you decide on you'll be more than happy.

Considering just how much if on offer it's surprising how aggressively priced the Mazda 3 and the deals available are. Most of the engines are moderately priced and efficient but the diesel (1.6 litre) on offer has really low CO2 emissions and can boast almost 65 MPG.

Some of the added features that are available in various trims are; Bluetooth, automatic wipers and lights, privacy glass, stereo upgrades and climate control. Take a look at all of the Mazda 3 deals available to get a good idea of which features come with each tier.

Noise isn't much of an issue with the 3 (which is always beneficial), it only starts to get a little loud when you really rev hard. Wind and road noise is always contained very well, so be prepared for a smooth drive.

Once again, make sure to take a look at our extensive list of Mazda 3 deals if you're impressed so far and think that the 3 is the right vehicle for you.

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